Talent Nation is a full service entertainment agency representing a dynamic roster of digital influencers, content creators and artists across select verticals, including but not limited to Music, Comedy, Sports, Gaming, Health/Wellness, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.
We specialize in career development and monetization with a focus on scaling beyond traditional brand deals; from merchandising to touring, sponsorships and creative intellectual property.
The company was founded in 2013 by long-time industry pioneer, Mike Goldfarb, highly revered for his track record in building successful brands and brokering multi-million dollar deals for a portfolio of global superstars like Demi Lovato, Kallmekris, and Carlie Hanson, to name a few.
While working at other talent firms, Mike witnessed first-hand the many malpractices and mishandlings that continue to plague today’s creators, inspiring a more modern approach to management that puts the best interests of our clients at the forefront – one success story at a time.

“WE BREAK the traditional agency moLD, TURNING DIGITAL-FIRST creators into thriving BRANDS.”

Mike Goldfarb


We're proud to rep a select group of influential content creators, athletes, activists, artists, and actors. Beyond having extensive reach and high engagement, we've set in place essential criteria for management consideration.
Our ideal creator profile is independent and self-sufficient — we’re here to champion your endeavors, not do the work for you. "Overnight success" is a myth. And while we appreciate a good viral moment every now and then, we need to be genuine believers in your overall potential for longevity.

Having elite creative abilities is an obvious pre-requisite in today's digital age. Being able to keep pace in an ever-evolving landscape takes a special kind of individual. When signing talent, we lean towards certain traits - namely those who are personable, fun, passionate, appreciative, consistent, hard-working, accountable, community-driven, relatable, and business-savvy.
Do you stand for something bigger than yourself? Talents who include giving back as part of their mandate are at the top of our list for representation. What's the use of having power, wealth and fame if you're not using it to make positive impact on the world.
Lastly, our clients are entrepreneurial-minded. They think big-picture beyond traditional brand partnerships. They aspire to translate influence into self-owned media properties and exclusively licensed products that can flourish both on and off-platform.

what we stand for

commitment & support

We intentionally keep our roster small and exclusive to give our clients the complete and undivided attention they deserve, with a team of highly skilled agents offering around the clock experienced support.

Equality & Diversity

We welcome creators of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations and genders - pledging equality, diversity and inclusivity without prejudice - forever and always.


Success is not only built on "what" you know, but "who" you know. We leverage deep relationships in the entertainment world to provide our creators with invites to exclusive events like store launches, media engagements, private dinners, and red carpet premieres.

Sustainability & Equity

Beyond traditional brand deals we have additional revenue streams in mind, leveraging your influence and starpower to secure TV/Film deals, live appearances, licensed products and self-owned businesses backed by your name.

Security & Peace Of Mind

We’re confident in our work and what we offer. So much so that we don’t feel the need to lock creators into long, restrictive contracts. Not satisfied? No problem. You have the power to part ways at any time, no questions asked.

Trust & Transparency

Our accounting protocols ensure a seamless and timely process of collections, payouts and tax filings so you can stay organized and focused on what you do best.

Access & GrowtH

We don’t just sit back and milk off your inbound requests. We leverage high level relationships with international brands and key decision makers across the entertainment landscape to secure key partnerships - putting you in prime position for success.


Your mental and physical well being is of the utmost priority, with private counseling and support available every step of the way to help boost productivity and reduce the risk of social burnout.
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